RLTC At-A-Glance Why RLTC might be the spiritual community for you.


RLTC equips people to live AUTHENTIC LIVES.

Simply put, to be authentic is to live one’s life from the inside out by being “true to one’s personality, spirit, and character.” Being true to one’s personhood demands realness, not imitation or pretense – no “fakenization.” In his book, Ethics of Authenticity, Charles Taylor asserts that, “Authenticity gives us freedom to remove the shackles of psychological, institutional, and familial pressures to conform. Freedom from these shackles is not a license to abuse, but becomes ground to assume responsibility for self without excuse.”

RLTC promotes critical thinking

We don’t have to accept anything just because it’s acceptable. We don’t have to accept anyone’s word (even the Pastor’s) as absolute authority. We have been given a mental and intuitive capacity that must be tapped as we process issues of faith. We must ask ourselves, “What would I believe if I had not been taught to believe what I believe?” We must go to the nucleus of religious ideas and beliefs and question their validity. Our lives are worth the painstaking and progressives work of clearing our minds to “probe the symbols of our faith story for meaning.”


RLTC is Inclusive

ALL are welcome. Each person is encouraged to stand in his or her own truth. We promote genuine

self-acceptance, love, humility and equality without subservience to or domination of the other.

RLTC is engaged in faith-based activism and Community Outreach

We are a voice of prophetic protest that is informed, inspired and mobilized to make a difference strategically and with intentionality in the service of global social justice. We also believe that service to others is at the heart of spirituality and “God/Goodness.”

RLTC is Raising Transformational Leaders (TL)

You are encouraged and challenged to assume the enormous responsibility for self without excuse – the responsibility of becoming a full-time, hands-on and awakened leader in your own life. A TL learns to trust him or herself. A TL honors the voice of the genuine within. A TL is willing to be reborn to reveal a higher and more authentic expression of one’s self.


RLTC promotes “Church-at-Home”™ (CAH)

The last Sunday each month, RLTC provides its Partners (members) the opportunity to have “church” outside of a formal gathering. So many people can do church with their eyes closed – they know how to sit in church, but not sit with themselves to see who’s there. Church can become a habit that forces people into having spiritual bypasses in order not to deal with their issues. CAH shifts the focus to sitting privately with self to commune with God, confront the truth and genuinely and courageously embrace necessary change. You may also use this time to invest in family, friends as well as engage in acts of service.